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For a unique look on your concrete flooring, West Texas Stain Pros offers premium concrete staining services for residential and commercial property. We are dedicated to bringing our clients high-quality flooring options that stand out and scream "look at me".


We use water based stain, which works by penetrating the natural pores of the concrete depositing pigments that create color that is embedded in the concrete. This process can produce a translucent or opaque finish, depending upon the product selected. We have multiple natural color options and combinations you can choose from. Our stain will not peel, flake, or fade.


Concrete stains are intended to enhance the natural character and beauty of the concrete and are not intended to 'cover up' variations or blemishes in the concrete. Some small imperfections will add character to the end result. Small cracks that aren't structural cracks will come out darker.


Once the stain is applied, a premium sealer is applied to lock in the color and protect the surface. Once the stained concrete is sealed, you have an extremely durable and virtually maintenance free surface. Sealed concrete floors do not trap dust, dirt, or allergens like other flooring. 

Water Base Stain Option


Acid Stain

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